Initial Prototyping

We have created an initial prototype of our application - now with some changes in response to some of the excellent feedback we've garnered from our class and others! However, we'd like more... stay tuned for a version you can walk through!

After developing a number of paper protoypes of our application, we made a number of decisions about how our application should behave. In response to some of the issues with our existing model, we made a number of changes to our prototype application:

  • Filtering recipes was clumsy in our first interaction. We realized that one of the most critical parts of a recipe was the first impression of the recipe: we now want to feature pictures strongly.
  • The click and hold interface is not straightforward - we largely replaced it with visual changes.
  • The flow of recipes should be more integrated, rather than being a separate screen.

We got a great deal of useful feedback from other members of Mobile Application Development:

  • To "Add an Item," the screen should stay open - users will often add multiple items at once.
  • The existing "Add Item" screen was confusing. We updated the layout
  • Items that are "checked off" could move to the bottom of the grocery list
  • Strikethrough the item text when an item is checked off

One of the major obstacles we encountered was the lack of a solid open-source recipe site with pictures and parseable content - until we found NibbleDish, which has wonderful content and pictures.

We'll be posting a walkthrough of our application soon!