whatsfordinnr - In the Android Market!

whatsfordinnr launched in the Android marketplace on May 13, 2009! Look for the app on your Android-enabled phone by searching for whatsfordinnr.

1.0.2 Update

There's a new version out! The 1.0.2 update for whatsfordinnr adds a new conversions screen that lets you convert common kitchen units for mass and volume. Check it out by going to Menu > Conversions.

Next Revision Plans

We've been getting some useful feedback so far on what would we should target for the next release of whatsfordinnr. Here's a list of some things that your fellow shoppers thought would be useful:

  • A built-in chart... for substitutions or conversions
  • Search for low-fat / low-calorie recipes

Feel free to add to or modify this list by emailing wfd@whatsfordinnr.com!

Launch and Updates

An enormous thank you to everyone who has downloaded whatsfordinnr so far, and thanks to the great feedback! Thanks to your help, we've fixed a number of critical bugs for version 1.0.1:

  • The add item screen works
  • Landscape mode is improved across many screens
  • We've done a more careful job of saving your lists

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Email us at wfd@whatsfordinnr.com!

Interaction Preview

The team has been writing whatsfordinnr recently, and has forgotten to post some of the interaction work we did to design the app.
Click here to see a mockup-style walkthrough!

Initial Prototyping

We have created an initial prototype of our application - now with some changes in response to some of the excellent feedback we've garnered from our class and others! However, we'd like more... stay tuned for a version you can walk through!

After developing a number of paper protoypes of our application, we made a number of decisions about how our application should behave. In response to some of the issues with our existing model, we made a number of changes to our prototype application:

First Interaction Design

Screen Flow Chart

We created flows for a few different concepts of user interaction. After discussing different options for the interaction, we realized we each had different ideas that we could not easily reconcile. We took this as a good sign; as Peter Drucker writes,

Market Research

If you're at Olin College, check out some of our research on the size, scope, and nature of the market for mobile grocery store apps, along with some players already in the space:
Market Research

Starting up...

Team whatsfordinnr has met and formed some ideas about how the Android application should meet the needs of grocery store shoppers.

Integrating Meal Planning into the Shopping Experience

Team whatsfordinnr would like to improve the flow of a user's experience when in the grocery store. By providing recipe suggestions and allowing users to modify their grocery lists while shopping, it allows them to easily plan for new meals on the go.

The Scenario

The existing flow of grocery shopping is largely driven by either recipes or items:

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