Starting up...

Team whatsfordinnr has met and formed some ideas about how the Android application should meet the needs of grocery store shoppers.

Integrating Meal Planning into the Shopping Experience

Team whatsfordinnr would like to improve the flow of a user's experience when in the grocery store. By providing recipe suggestions and allowing users to modify their grocery lists while shopping, it allows them to easily plan for new meals on the go.

The Scenario

The existing flow of grocery shopping is largely driven by either recipes or items:

  • A user goes to the grocery store with a few recipes they chose at home, then ensures that all the items on the recipe were purchased. Unfortunately, the user is then restricted from spur-of-the-moment purchases or adding store specials: these new items probably aren't part of their existing recipes.
  • The opposite: a user goes to the store with no plan, and purchases items that are appealing. In this case, there is a great deal of freedom for finding items, but there is very little direction for recipes.


We would like our application to meet these goals, roughly in order of priority.

  • Simple Organization
  • Dealing with meal planning (what to buy and how much to buy)
  • Learning New Recipes, Expanding Diet
  • Personal Aspect (meal history)
  • Saving Money
  • Advertisement (coupons)